Go Beyond Public Speaking & Take Your Presentation Skills to the Next Level

So…What Exactly Do YOU Think Happens When YOU Finally Learn the Secrets of Delivering Powerful and Engaging Presentations?

Simple! YOU Will Have More Business than You’ve Ever Had Before!But, Don’t Wing It. There’s a MUCH Better Way! There are really only a few ways of getting ahead in business. The most traditional way is to pound the pavement, advertise, market, network and basically work yourself to death. It’s probably the method you’re using now.

But, you know… there’s a much easier way. Become a world-class presenter. “Yeah… right,” you say?

I’m serious about this. You can’t possibly imagine what this can do for your business! So, let me take a few minutes of your valuable time and I’ll show you how this works; Basically, you put on a wireless mic, stand in front of an audience and boom… you’re an expert. Simple right? And, quite honestly, nothing except a best seller can do more for your prestige and expert status than that.

I’m also sure right about now that you’re wondering how you’re going to become this super presenter that I’m talking about. True?

Well… it is true and I can prove it to YOU. You see, the best speakers on the planet would never reveal their secrets to you. And, most of them wouldn’t know how to do that anyway

I Do!

What you may not realize is that there is actually a template for delivering powerful presentations. Just like using a template for cutting cookie dough, there is method for taking your data and putting it into a template allowing your presentations to sizzle.

There are several layers to this template but the benefit is; how to convert your boring data into a highly enrolling and engaging presentation that will skyrocket your level of expertise simply by virtue of HOW you deliver it.
That’s right… NO More Guesswork!

Everything has its place and placement is everything.

For example; did you know that in any 2 hour presentation you only need about 30 minutes of data? All you have to do is come up with 2 or 3 good lessons based on your experience and now you’ve got an award winning presentation.

The rest is up to the audience. This is a template that makes the audience the star, not you! It’s not about you… so, if you want to make it about you then you will fail. Period.

Most speakers make it about them. They make it about their great knowledge, their great speaking ability and even their great looks. But this is nonsense. That will only take you so far.

On the other hand, if you involve the audience on a level that is exciting, fun, involving and experiential, you will benefit greatly because for the first time ever you will notice that they are learning faster than you could possibly imagine.

The template I teach you to use, I use. All the time. Every time.

I use it for short presentations, 3-day presentations, sales meetings, board meetings, weddings, seminars, training sessions, conference presentations etc. It never changes. The only thing that changes is the data and the data is secondary to the way you present it.

It’s not about the data! DATA doesn’t Matta(r)!

Naturally your data should be useful and help the people you’re delivering it to but again; it’s far more about HOW you deliver it more that what you deliver.

I’ve seen it work over and over again. Last year I presented to over 6,000 people. And, I can tell you that every time I’m simply amazed and in awe of how well it works.

People love it. Why? Because they’re having fun. No more boring power point. No more winging it presentations. No more bad jokes. No more sleeping audiences. No more lectures and no more speeches.

It works! And, if you need proof here’s some testimonials from my most recent 3-day intensive beyond public speaking course. Everyone in that course did not know what to expect. And now? Everyone in that course knows exactly what and how to use the template to get what they want in business and in life!

Written Testimonials From Course Participants

“Thank you. Great Course. This is the most growth I have personally experienced in any course I have ever taken. Special Thanks.”

Tony Matchem
Forever Young Nutrition

“By Presenting and awesome template that defines a practical path to deliver uncommonly creative training, Paul exceeded my expectations for the course. Add to that a delivery style that make learning fun and enjoyable, the course is a must for anyone considering public speaking”

Steve Bigg
Air Combat Zone

“Paul is the consummate trainer. Had a great 3-days and enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you Paul.”

Mark Rosenfield

“Thank you. Great Course. This is the most growth I have personally experienced in any course I have ever taken. Special Thanks.”

Tony Matchem
Forever Young Nutrition

“Paul is motivational, inspiring and thought provoking. He has incredible energy and has incredible talent. I’ll be back!”

Renee Dunlop
Mainstream Marketing

Well, there you have it. You can see from the above comments that everyone absolutely got what they came for!What did they come for? Information and experience that can change lives. And, it delivers.


  • Overcome any fear you have about public speaking
  • Deliver a perfectly well-rounded presentation using the highly coveted masterpresentation template
  • Enroll and engage 100% your audiences 100% of the time
  • Grab attention with the most powerful introduction template used by the world’s top speakers
  • Teach using accelerated learning techniques
  • Earn the right to teach what you teach by crafting personal experience stories
  • Master the secret to asking a lot of questions to command audience attention
  • Utilize the art of getting others to finish your sentences
  • Use state-changes to keep the energy level high
  • Create perfect 1-hour, 4-hour and full-day presentations
  • Understand when to use a flip-chart and why?
  • Create perfect notes, where to place them and how to refer to them
  • Discern when and when not to use PowerPoint (hint: almost never!)
  • Create written exercises that help participants learn faster
  • Organize audiences into groups which creates accountability
  • Recognize positive and negative energy within participants and how to deal with it
  • Know when to take questions and how to answer them, even if you don’t know the answer
  • Master on stage movement and body language
  • Use microphones effectively
  • Choose appropriate music and when you use it effectively
  • Select proper attire to appear highly successful
  • Use gestures to solicit audience response
  • Differentiate between boring data and edutainment
  • Setup seminar logistics and use volunteers
  • Negotiate hotel meeting rooms to get the best rates possible
  • Command $5,000 or more to speak in someone else’s room
  • Market and fill your rooms using little or no money
  • Sell on you back-end without anyone being offended or leaving
  • Tap into revenue streams of $20,000 or more per month
  • Use the internet to control your registrants
  • Use the internet to market your seminars
  • Use email effectively to fill you rooms
  • The power of list building and how that will help you sell you courses
  • Master the $250,000 marketing from the stage template
  • Harness the creative magnetic energy within you to accelerate your success

…and much much more!
Whatever you think a course of this quality and value might cost is secondary to what you will earn as a result of taking it.

In my case, when I learned this information and put it into practice I saw a 400% increase in revenue within 9 months. 400%!!!

Just how can this help you career? Just how much can it help your business? That is in direct proportion to the amount of energy you put into applying the information but for most people that starts immediately after the course is over.

I’ve actually had people book their first speaking rooms during the course and can’t wait to get there and start their presentations.

So, now it’s up to you!

You only have a 2 choices. You either signup for the next 3-day intensive course or the next one after that. Not doing this course is not really an option.

What will happen if you don’t take the course? You will get what you’ve always got. The same! Nothing will change unless you empower yourself with new information, behaviors, beliefs, strategies and the resolve to carry out the directives.

The secret formula that I use for my public speaking presentations is the same formula I’ll be training you to use. It works great for; keynote speeches, training seminars, sales presentations, live concerts, fundraising speeches, wedding speeches, board room presentations, employee motivation, employee training, pitching, team building, networking and virtually every other public speaking and presenting situation you can think of.

You will gain the confidence to make a perfect presentation every single time! It’s easy once you know HOW

Wishing you great success!

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