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Add An Address To Your Addressbook

Important Announcement!

To prevent unwanted spam e-mail, some e-mail programs or services block messages from senders whose e-mail addresses are not in the recipient’s Address Book or Safe Senders List. If you use one of these programs or services, be sure to add the sender’s address to your E-Mail Address Book or Safe List to ensure that you receive valued messages.

For most E-mail programs, all that is needed is to go into your address book, usually found under Tools, or with Microsoft Outlook, you would click New, and then Contact. And then type in or copy and paste the E-mail address,

If you find that just adding our address to your addressbook in your email program is not allowing the StreetSmart Marketer to come into your mailbox, please contact your E-mail service provider, which is usually the same as your internet service provider and ask them for help.

We are also more than happy to help you fix this problem, so please
contact us at 416-444-PROS or

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